mz_jem: iPhone or Android? — I have andorid bleh.
2013-04-30 16:25:52 · Reply · View
RogersDanforth: Andorid lovers excited? Stay tuned for details on the launch of Samsung Galaxy S4!!
2013-04-30 16:12:35 · Reply · View
con_f_used: I won’t tell you my temple run score. Or I have a temple run installed on my phone. Or do I have a andorid phone.
2013-04-30 15:44:30 · Reply · View
jakobtengver: Andorid vs iOS: #windowsphone #timetoswitch
2013-04-30 14:17:16 · Reply · View
zakifarhan_: jailbreak andorid sampai dapet user full
2013-04-30 11:14:53 · Reply · View
Kreton: Ok, my phone is turned back to state before repair. Good. Only forsquare won’t work due to outdated andorid. Maybe I update it to 2.2 soon.
2013-04-30 08:01:59 · Reply · View
LoveReneaaaa_: I guess ill go back to team andorid
2013-04-30 02:11:32 · Reply · View
AppsBuilderLori: See 3 different types of Andorid Apps built with Skybuilder software – Watch Lori as she shows you the first 3…
2013-04-30 00:51:33 · Reply · View
siulmagic: @google when will you update the gtalk desktop pc client, youv neglet it since it cameout, hell the andorid version is 10x better.
2013-04-30 00:44:31 · Reply · View
NnFrna: @iezzatimhd “andorid” it please. HAHAH. im so bored and addicted to that game lol
2013-04-29 19:25:19 · Reply · View
YourManAdrian: I’m cautiously excited about the new Andorid laptops.
2013-04-29 17:38:19 · Reply · View

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