giovmarinelli: Benvenuto Jelly Bean #Andorid
2013-05-16 14:19:45 · Reply · View
jeruknipiscom: Gmail (+) Google+ (=) Hangouts… where Apple and Andorid users hangout together, huh?
2013-05-16 12:40:32 · Reply · View
olga_mansyah: Andorid dong”@HanyaJawab: Bagus mana Blackberry atau Android? #HJ”
2013-05-16 08:08:04 · Reply · View
anggieagustiin: Andorid! Hidup android :p RT@HanyaJawab: Bagus mana Blackberry atau Android? #HJ
2013-05-16 07:52:37 · Reply · View
mia_mirhanda: Andorid :p RT @HanyaJawab: Bagus mana Blackberry atau Android? #HJ
2013-05-16 07:51:12 · Reply · View
footnem: @AzmiSayadi @elz0oz @josephdotnet now the real question can we install stock andorid on the S4 already in the market?
2013-05-16 06:57:41 · Reply · View
TheKidNamedAyoo: Andorid needa to get Emojis ;p
2013-05-16 05:08:42 · Reply · View
LintonFresh: Google Wallet now available on on new smartphones! #techchat #technews #googleI/O #andorid #htc #gs4
2013-05-16 03:37:03 · Reply · View
JCakeC: New mockup test:
– Slim + Mysql + oAuth2 for API.
– Ember.js for webApp,
– andorid and iOS apps.
getting back to roots for faster pace.
2013-05-16 03:36:13 · Reply · View
richmodrey: What’s the point having blackberry if iphone and andorid will have the bbm too ? It’s all about the privilege. *siap2 hibah BB.
2013-05-16 01:29:46 · Reply · View
alangarcianr: ‘A pe pe stor y andorid market’
2013-05-16 00:43:53 · Reply · View
jayvgee84: Did Google just release the Samsung Galaxy S4 with STOCK ANDORID!?!?!?!
2013-05-15 20:39:33 · Reply · View
sypher47: CTO jetbrains presenting the new Andorid IDE android studio #Google #I/O
2013-05-15 20:34:13 · Reply · View
mileusna: Andorid Studio, Mac OS X
2013-05-15 20:08:20 · Reply · View
IMSahilBhalla: Woah. The #Samsung Galaxy S4 is now available with stock #Andorid and direct updates from #Google! (via @verge)
2013-05-15 17:02:43 · Reply · View

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