NQK12: RT @mohdfahad: @NQK12 iphone ya andorid? #FacebookWaliAwam
2013-05-20 13:59:34 · Reply · View
mohdfahad: @NQK12 iphone ya andorid? #FacebookWaliAwam
2013-05-20 13:56:56 · Reply · View
lizmoogle: @nocavane andorid doesn’t have it uGh
2013-05-20 11:11:59 · Reply · View
daviemmm: I need a new phone. Any recommendations? It’s time to retire my #BlackBerry Curve. Should I get a #Z10, #Q10, #iPhone or #Andorid?
2013-05-20 05:02:22 · Reply · View
SilverTheDino: RT @camoEmily: @SilverTheDino do u have an old iPhone or andorid ican use
2013-05-19 23:08:36 · Reply · View
camoEmily: @SilverTheDino do u have an old iPhone or andorid ican use
2013-05-19 23:07:45 · Reply · View
msparker_xo: @_YourPointIs damnnnnn nigga everyone going andorid
2013-05-19 22:10:02 · Reply · View
iCrackMyself_Up: @PhotogenikNUPE lol its fine..there are still a couple of andorid users in the world though fyi lol
2013-05-19 21:58:51 · Reply · View
AppsBuilderLori: SkyBuilder – Autmomated App Builder – Create your own profitable Apps for iPad or Andorid with just a few mouse… http://t.co/Qhm3kTWnVK
2013-05-19 18:29:59 · Reply · View

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