Johannormen: Any genreall lib in #phonegap that can handle push not. on ios,andorid with own webservice?or do I need azure not. & android not. services?
2013-05-23 16:15:20 · Reply · View
RmS_biz: #leanstartup i’m looking for 2 mobile developers: iOS and Andorid. Work at my startup. Fulltime. Send cv on my twi account. RT plz
2013-05-23 12:37:48 · Reply · View
dnzAndroid: #android #job – Andorid Sync App ($750 – 1,500) – #jobs
2013-05-23 06:05:46 · Reply · View
niallwhysigh: my mom has and iPhone 5, iPhone 4s and a macbook air. I have like and andorid phone and yea. An android phone ugh.
2013-05-23 03:10:11 · Reply · View
AppsBuilderLori: SkyBuilder – Autmomated App Builder – Create your own profitable Apps for iPad or Andorid with just a few mouse…
2013-05-23 02:18:40 · Reply · View
working_athome_: Andorid Sync App by zimaoffice: ZimaOffice is an online cloud based businessā€¦ #freelance #job
2013-05-23 02:15:50 · Reply · View
serenity_lynnn: RT @A_Officcial: The Only Thing I Hate About Andorid Is No Emojis ..
2013-05-23 00:29:12 · Reply · View
A_Officcial: The Only Thing I Hate About Andorid Is No Emojis ..
2013-05-23 00:27:02 · Reply · View
Aandreeeh: Android 4.1.1 , Jellyblast V-3.0.4 keyboard Andorid Ice Cream Sandwich :)
makin betah sm Galyoung ini šŸ˜€
2013-05-22 23:33:54 · Reply · View
Nabulsi1: That’s why I’m leaning a bit towards Andorid, the amount of stuff you can do with it … Enormous.
2013-05-22 21:40:16 · Reply · View
llacombe11: @HerLastSong if you have an andorid get google play music you can have up to 20000 songs supposedly and it doesn’t use up memory!
2013-05-22 21:09:15 · Reply · View
klei: @Skarrx24 nothing confirmed yet, but we’re looking into new platforms like iOS and Andorid. etc. If it works out we’ll let everyone know!
2013-05-22 19:22:14 · Reply · View
malicemagic: @AreYousaif @itvnews wasnt working on my I phone. Andorid all good. Not blocked.
2013-05-22 18:35:35 · Reply · View

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