skyahnique: @Luv4khleo_t I use mp3 music download on andorid for music/ringtones
2013-05-04 05:34:54 · Reply · View
suresh_2020ind: are you envisioning java script mobile applications like today’s andorid ?
2013-05-03 18:46:54 · Reply · View
mkashifqamar: @FriehaAltaf @aamnaisani #Android Market is more stronger then #Apple in #Pakistan I did some research During #FPW more then 50% use Andorid
2013-05-03 18:13:12 · Reply · View
DewaPhone: #Job App for Iphone + Android + Backend by Prokultura: we need an app just like this: Andorid: ht… #android
2013-05-03 17:00:28 · Reply · View

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