GaryKochan: “@maxinesands: @GaryKochan Thank You for your following,, You can catch me on Google, Bing. etc….” TY Maxine! #tgif #happyfriday
2013-05-17 21:03:27 · Reply · View
scottywildcat: @OhaaiSarah Bing sings and Walt Disney
2013-05-17 21:03:05 · Reply · View
Bing_Louch: @tiannaaaa awesome :) not planned anything yet, but hopefully!! You?
2013-05-17 21:03:03 · Reply · View
mike_bing: @Cdaggie thanks man! I worked hard to get there. Still have a ways to go, but I’m proud of that benchmark
2013-05-17 21:02:52 · Reply · View
2013-05-17 21:02:52 · Reply · View
aysiaaaaa_: @ShannyyShanny bitch i didnt come to class cause i got in trouble ! So stfuuuup real niggas wouldve faught bing and Cheyenne ???????? cmon now !
2013-05-17 21:02:48 · Reply · View
williamrpotts: I AM SO SCARED NOW go watch supernatural on Netflix google YouTube bing ANYTHING plz watch it its so freaky I am scared help
2013-05-17 21:02:25 · Reply · View
charoverman: This hole thing about bey bing pregnant now is making me unsure if its true or not bey needs to confirm either way soon !
2013-05-17 21:02:15 · Reply · View
sevenalive: Hey @Bing, I don’t think 500px image is considered ‘large’ anymore. That’s more like medium or small.
2013-05-17 21:02:10 · Reply · View
UKnylonwife: @naughty_bing will I be seeing you on crime watch soon Bing? You should tie him up with a pair of my tights and call the cops x
2013-05-17 21:01:56 · Reply · View
seosemserviceco: Pay On Result SEO Bing Beams Up Star Trek Fans With Home Page Easter Egg, Klingon Transla… The SEO Marketing Co
2013-05-17 21:01:54 · Reply · View
dweekly: @nvenkataraman1 @bing The pictures look good, but their campaign touts how amazing it is that the image fills every screen. It doesn’t.
2013-05-17 21:01:43 · Reply · View
VGrella: Who’s still in bing?
2013-05-17 21:01:27 · Reply · View
domenicdamico: @MioaraDragan awwww, I’m working at The Bing…not even close to bham!
2013-05-17 21:01:15 · Reply · View
Dejiano2290: Jingle bells, Facebook smells. Tumblr go away. Myspace yuck, Bing sucks. Twitter ALL the way.”
2013-05-17 21:01:11 · Reply · View
bing_bang23: Got my lucky undies on for tonight!
2013-05-17 21:01:09 · Reply · View
Chandler8_Bing: RT @Trey_Dedicated: @tylerthecr8r @Chandler8_Bing this girl is 13
2013-05-17 21:00:55 · Reply · View
submitedge: Bing has rolled out a new feature that is an extension of the social sidebar introduced by the search engine last year.
2013-05-17 21:00:53 · Reply · View
shakygums: RT @dong_party: Chandler bing stares at joeys tombstone “….could I BE any more sad?”
2013-05-17 21:00:50 · Reply · View
steff_xo: so excited to return back to bing tomorrow! #cantwait
2013-05-17 21:00:33 · Reply · View
ZacharyStarkey: Bing Beams Up Star Trek Fans With Home Page Easter Egg, Klingon Translator: In conjunction with the arrival of…
2013-05-17 21:00:27 · Reply · View
betterworld168: Bing Beams Up Star Trek Fans With Home Page Easter Egg, Klingon Translator: In conjunction with the arriv… #SEO
2013-05-17 21:00:26 · Reply · View
pletch: SearchEngineWatch: Bing Beams Up Star Trek Fans With Home Page Easter Egg, Klingon Translator #SEO
2013-05-17 21:00:26 · Reply · View
howtomakemoneyq: @sewatch Bing Beams Up Star Trek Fans With Home Page Easter Egg, Klingon Translator
2013-05-17 21:00:24 · Reply · View
Hannah_Ridgway6: RT @amber_emmi: That awkward moment when the most searching thing in bing is google
2013-05-17 21:00:21 · Reply · View
naughty_bing: Trying to pass off a fake £20 note to me, what do you take me for!! Fool, you’ve been had!!
2013-05-17 21:00:15 · Reply · View
TegzPhotography: awesome evening all “jazzed” up with @JustinBing and @Timrobertglen celebrating @deon_bing ‘s bday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!
2013-05-17 21:00:11 · Reply · View
Trey_Dedicated: @tylerthecr8r @Chandler8_Bing this girl is 13
2013-05-17 21:00:03 · Reply · View
Arary_McGowan: How to Generated Free MLM Leads: Your Searching Free MLM Leads?? Search Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other big s…
2013-05-17 20:59:53 · Reply · View
michelle_bond06: @RDannhaus @mike_bing go for it! Except I need signed liability waivers for all dannhaus children! Jk;)
2013-05-17 20:59:53 · Reply · View
alanismorrisey: Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson get hired at Bing and get assassinated by google for using the phrase ‘feeling lucky’ #theinternship
2013-05-17 20:59:44 · Reply · View
JusSo0oAmazin: RT @Elzclusiv: Seen so many females on IG lately talking bout #TurnDownForWhat via bing bar crawl …ijs
2013-05-17 20:59:43 · Reply · View
FadzC: Create OneNote notebook in @SkyDrive in the browser, enter details on @windowsphone. Sit down, insert a map from @bing maps on @Windows 8 ????
2013-05-17 20:59:42 · Reply · View
Shak_CT: Shit Benny Banks went in, got that bada bing track onto the new fast and furious.
2013-05-17 20:59:21 · Reply · View
eumaquio: Fan Bing Bing princesa no Festival de Cannes
2013-05-17 20:59:14 · Reply · View
CeraInabnet: Bing locked out of the house <<<
2013-05-17 20:57:59 · Reply · View
rach_oberman: I love how fast I can curl my hair badda bing badda boom
2013-05-17 20:57:38 · Reply · View
HanSum183nXtGt: RT @YourHomeLocator: What Would Facebook and Twitter Sneakers Look Like? [PICS] via @mashable 2
2013-05-17 20:57:25 · Reply · View
Ladyy_Ganja: Do a birds eye view of Roseville on Bing.. Now go ahead & do Detroit. You’ll realize Detroit is either grey, or the color of dead grass #lol
2013-05-17 20:57:14 · Reply · View
MhmdLubbad: @M_Caffeine @AbdHalees “Dog God console you” Translated from Arabic by Bing Translator ?? ????!
2013-05-17 20:57:01 · Reply · View
AKAMEDIASYSTEM: So everybody at #govalgo is comfortable with Bing, Yahoo, etc. But watch out Google! You scare us!
2013-05-17 20:56:55 · Reply · View
LennyMarketer: Use Bing in Your SEO Strategy – Use Bing in Your SEO Strategy Many novice webmasters forget to consider other…
2013-05-17 20:56:55 · Reply · View
ErikDeBord: Checked in at Athenaeum Music and Arts Library
2013-05-17 20:56:27 · Reply · View
Nasayoo: @Realomosexy I’m bing ignored. O….M….G!!! Wot didn’t I say right?
2013-05-17 20:56:09 · Reply · View
domavery95: RT @DeeperMC: Rahh @mrBennyBanks Bada Bing in Fast 6!! What a good look
2013-05-17 20:56:04 · Reply · View
cocotheoriginal: “@TheFutureuk: @cocotheoriginal luv coco pops” – ;). Got an Italian ting badda bing. I’m allowed to hear the full ting now that I’m 21
2013-05-17 20:56:00 · Reply · View
scottywildcat: @OhaaiSarah whats the difference between Walt Disney and Bing Crosby…?
2013-05-17 20:55:55 · Reply · View
StThomasgaa: RT @tgraham33: I love the story of Walter Will Wawrinka Bing, and i think i’m rooting for him v. microsoft. find out why…
2013-05-17 20:55:45 · Reply · View
Azhiim_Ghani: I will be honoured if I ever get awarded a prize for being the most sarcastic person around,and they could call it “Chandler Bing”.
2013-05-17 20:55:45 · Reply · View
2013-05-17 20:55:41 · Reply · View

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