Dalus87: Air droid 2 us pretty awesome
2013-04-29 03:25:11 · Reply · View
TaylorMack29: @Jtlax1 ya me an bron gotta disagree on that one, and to go with the droid, 2 life size fatheads of me an bronbron, #teamdroid sry
2013-04-29 02:35:36 · Reply · View
alenaaaasakuaaa: @andrewpcl @PatrickRKaym Good idea. Those darn things are too fragile. On the other hand, I think my Droid 2 could take out a tank.
2013-04-29 02:19:09 · Reply · View
e_wilsn: Going from an iPhone 5 to a DROID 2 is unreal #ihateit #helpmeimpoor
2013-04-29 01:17:07 · Reply · View
ploughman16: Back on that droid 2 shit
2013-04-28 17:57:07 · Reply · View
AlanaThompson4: If anyones interested in buying a droid 2 iPhone 4 or iPod touch in excellent condition that I never use anymore..message me for details!
2013-04-28 17:08:54 · Reply · View
silversly80: @fameoverinfamy I did the same thing but it was with the Droid 2 & Droid 2 Global. It was literally the day after my 30 day trial.
2013-04-28 05:11:18 · Reply · View

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