junkion: @MrRobinson I’m using apex on my droid 2
2013-05-16 01:12:18 · Reply · View
Napolean_Braa: @PhuRiuM @Aptitudee @ToxiiC_eXCeLZ don’t hate on the droid 2 pusseh
2013-05-15 22:16:45 · Reply · View
gchoulm: @JKD316_1976p @tommymigs8 Good idea. Those darn things are too fragile. On the other hand, I think my Droid 2 could take out a tank.
2013-05-15 22:04:24 · Reply · View
queberican351: @GreySyntax I have a galaxy S captivate. Droid 2 global, thunderbolt, Droid pro, and others.
2013-05-15 21:24:44 · Reply · View
hightechredneck: Sooooo glad I still have my old Droid 2 so I can test this app w/o losing my real data (I actually use the app I developed 😀 ).
2013-05-15 18:43:43 · Reply · View
petermorency: number of android phones on VZW with a screen size under 4″: 3. HTC Rhyme, Droid 2 Global and LG Ally (ew)
2013-05-15 16:45:51 · Reply · View
jaychuckk: Finally got a new smartphone, the Razr M. Three years with the Droid 2 previously. When the hell did these phones get so good?
2013-05-15 14:27:55 · Reply · View
erinjoelizabeth: @ashley_denise23 no way. Went through 8 replacements in a 10 month time w my droid 2. Ill never go droid again.
2013-05-15 09:13:17 · Reply · View
Ddrez6: Droid 2 sucks ass I got a keyboard and barely #3G
2013-05-15 08:34:35 · Reply · View
JustStephyC: @Moody54TMB No, a Droid 2. Just slightly better..lol.
2013-05-15 07:30:52 · Reply · View
wittlake: @Evyfindstheway No, I’m still hooked on a physical keyboard. Using a Droid 2 now, wondering if a Droid 5 will ever be released.
2013-05-15 04:12:31 · Reply · View

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