rual0: Its rather Droid 2 or Incredible and I do not want this shit another day
2013-05-28 00:54:28 · Reply · View
rual0: Now my phone wont die every 2 hours. Im just gonna miss the relatively thin incredible compared to the droid 2 with a slide out keyboard
2013-05-28 00:54:10 · Reply · View
rual0: My uncle gave me an old iBook and a rooted droid 2 cause my phone shitted out. Not bad
2013-05-28 00:44:12 · Reply · View
Matt_Marnell: @itsraydoee I have a droid 2 in good shape
2013-05-27 20:02:25 · Reply · View
TheSchwenker: Anyone know anything about the Droid 2? #asktwitter
2013-05-27 15:19:59 · Reply · View

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