muhiike: I miss my droid 2
2013-05-04 02:45:31 · Reply · View
dougm__24: @FlashJordan17 droid x or droid 2
2013-05-03 23:58:21 · Reply · View
_QuanaJaay: Just ordered a new phone . Droid 2
2013-05-03 20:47:46 · Reply · View
Allen_Dyches: New Verizon Motorola Droid 2 A955 Android Black Phone- No New contract needed
2013-05-03 18:22:35 · Reply · View
StuRobson: @nicepaul @stanton @scott_riley I was thinking device too, if I’m on my ‘droid 2.3 device (read iPhone), would selects be ‘easier’ etc etc.
2013-05-03 13:15:51 · Reply · View

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