jesstheeebest: Giants on one tv, Sharks on the other. Thanks chilis.
2013-04-28 02:44:08 · Reply · View
duwtu: @Yikadee845 after the finals is over we can still be giants fans sludge
2013-04-28 02:44:07 · Reply · View
BlueJays_Giants: @KennedyMLB yeah I hear Torres messed it up
2013-04-28 02:44:05 · Reply · View
BigPlayDeja: RT @NFLDraftBible: Charles James to Giants.
2013-04-28 02:44:04 · Reply · View
YessirJoshua: @FunnyDNA @JustinJ_7 if I lived in Florida, I wouldn’t get to see the NY Giants play cause they don’t play a single FLA team this year
2013-04-28 02:44:03 · Reply · View
2013-04-28 02:44:03 · Reply · View
hollafamjay: Playing with the Giants in #Madden13, WearyBIG JAY defeated the Jets 97-28 on Rookie in Play Now.
2013-04-28 02:43:58 · Reply · View
THE_JWhitt: @maddylanier *note to self* don’t text you while giants are loosing… ????????
2013-04-28 02:43:55 · Reply · View
BottleExchange: @j0sh_martin @SI_PeterKing I’m kinda partial to NY being a Yankees and Rangers fan, but the Giants and Islanders can go straight to Hell.
2013-04-28 02:43:52 · Reply · View
BlakkRob: RT @LSUfball: Congrats @LSUfball UD free agents: Aghayere @Seahawks; Clement @Giants; Faulk @Browns; Ford + Lonergan @ChicagoBears; Shepard + Wing @Eagles
2013-04-28 02:43:46 · Reply · View
lil_huskercoach: RT @TeamJackHoffman: @ESPN_Schick Trying to work a deal with the Little Giants …
2013-04-28 02:43:44 · Reply · View
ibdrumn: RT @JustinPugh67: Me and @Ryan_Nassib are the newest New York Giants. Lets go!
2013-04-28 02:43:42 · Reply · View
KimberlyCarls11: Let’s go Giants!!!
2013-04-28 02:43:41 · Reply · View
julia_kessel: “@EarthPix: Above the Clouds” I thought there were giants up there? #worstmovie @jewbagel10
2013-04-28 02:43:38 · Reply · View
MamaGayshine: Modesto Nuts vs. San Jose Giants. I can’t help but to route for the Giants.
2013-04-28 02:43:33 · Reply · View
WayneKjelsrud: @RebySky So what did you think of your Giants Draft Reby ?
2013-04-28 02:43:32 · Reply · View
PadsCast: Prepping for tomorrow’s 1:10 matchup, #Padres and #Giants. Col Coleman and I will have the call Sunday afternoon.
2013-04-28 02:43:27 · Reply · View
MrOmariWarren: RT @nfl: RD7 – PK47 @Giants: M. Cox (RB-Massachusetts) – #NFLDRAFT
2013-04-28 02:43:07 · Reply · View
faydra_deon: Free for #Kindle until 01 May 2013: “The Shoulders of Giants (A Jake Abraham Mystery)” by Jim Cliff: #ebblitz
2013-04-28 02:43:05 · Reply · View
chandrimatweets: The shift of power in soccer giants. 2 nights in a row last week, a Spanish giant gave up four goals to a German team
2013-04-28 02:43:04 · Reply · View
apgonzalez120: RT @LOLSFGiants: I like comebacks.
But not against the Giants.
2013-04-28 02:43:03 · Reply · View
Razznation: RT @RVacchianoNYDN: Let the UDFA madness begin … Virginia Tech S Alonzo Tweedy has signed an undrafted free agent contract with the Giants. #NYG
2013-04-28 02:42:58 · Reply · View
NFCEastRT: RT @LouisMusto: @NFCEastRT Ryan Nassib to New York Giants: Grading the Selection #NYG #NFLDraft
2013-04-28 02:42:57 · Reply · View
duwtu: @Yikadee845 I’m still your friend I’m a giants fan you can’t be mad at my opinion
2013-04-28 02:42:52 · Reply · View
NFCEastRT: RT @LouisMusto: @NFCEastRT Players the New York Giants Should Target on Day 2 #NFLDraft #NYG
2013-04-28 02:42:47 · Reply · View
billmelton60: RT @RTD_MikeBarber: Just got off phone with Tech LB Alonzo Tweedy. He has agreed to free agent contract with the New York Giants. #Hokies
2013-04-28 02:42:44 · Reply · View
kenny_munson: @teejayk8 Antrel rolle been on the giants since 2010 guy lol
2013-04-28 02:42:42 · Reply · View
__christinaxo__: @BroadStSTORY if youll be a sf giants fan ill be a kings fan.
2013-04-28 02:42:35 · Reply · View
chachablowloud: RT @DuvalHitman: One time for @ShutDownCB1 for signing with the Giants!!! Its been a long road and this is only half the battle! #TakeTheLeagueByStorm
2013-04-28 02:42:33 · Reply · View
DomeniqueSciuto: The awk moment when Jess is a Giants fan and i’m a Padres fan #theirony
2013-04-28 02:42:24 · Reply · View
xoelhamm: @Harry_Styles but why the packers… why not the giants or the bears man
2013-04-28 02:42:24 · Reply · View
geassed: “some of these giants look like the kind of people who wander around Akiba”
2013-04-28 02:42:17 · Reply · View
mariuch25: @BlueJays_Giants I’m thinking the obvious answer is a lot of runs :)
2013-04-28 02:42:16 · Reply · View
LDOUG8: you know what sucks most about not having cable? not catching a single inning of Giants baseball this year :( #poorprobs #orangeandblack
2013-04-28 02:42:15 · Reply · View
WesAckin_up: @IKANTMIS Small thang to Some Giants tho…We livin Proof bru!
2013-04-28 02:42:09 · Reply · View
mrdodger323: I been seeing a lot of giants fans lately around the L.A area even my new neighbors are giants fans there not getting any bake cookies ????lol
2013-04-28 02:42:07 · Reply · View
BaseballBetty76: Cashner-led Padres beat San Francisco Giants 2-1 – Gaslamp Ball: Andrew Cashner quieted questions regarding wh…
2013-04-28 02:42:07 · Reply · View
joe_reed023: @nickbarker123 @HoosierBudd2 of course Honey I Shrunk the Kids is a good movie! it has the guy from Little Giants. RT for support everyone
2013-04-28 02:42:01 · Reply · View
Paulytics_101: @ATanjuakio @jjpsomebody turned up too hard with a bottle of Fireball at the Giants Game hahaha. Security kicked them out! #TurnUp
2013-04-28 02:41:48 · Reply · View
Ryan_polarbear: @JohnSheaHey How do you have a two run double but only be up 6-5 when the Giants had 5 runs already?
2013-04-28 02:41:47 · Reply · View
3moon_light: @Jimmy_Burch
I look at the Houston Texans and NY Giants draft…Jerry does not get it. Games are won in the trenches.
2013-04-28 02:41:45 · Reply · View
KennedyMLB: RT @Giants55: @BlueJays_Giants Torres missed a routine fly then Zito had a Zitoesque meltdown…
2013-04-28 02:41:42 · Reply · View
BigPapiLebowski: Dear #comcast I’m paying you big bucks to watch baseball. Not hockey. But there was hockey on each channel where Giants-Padres, Angels- cont
2013-04-28 02:41:37 · Reply · View
JoshCiaramita: @DaveStarmanCBS how’d u become a Giants fan?
2013-04-28 02:41:28 · Reply · View
ShutDownCB1: RT @DuvalHitman: One time for @ShutDownCB1 for signing with the Giants!!! Its been a long road and this is only half the battle! #TakeTheLeagueByStorm
2013-04-28 02:41:21 · Reply · View
KristinGordonOU: “@Hermans_House: Thank you all for the support! I am so excited to be a #NYgiant @Giants I am grateful for this opportunity!”congrats bobcat
2013-04-28 02:41:08 · Reply · View
trendykidzgifts: RT @gill_grunt: Activision Skylanders Giants – CYNDER – 3DS,Wii, PS3, Xbox 360 – BRAND NEW: $8.99 (0 Bids)End Date: Sunday Ap…
2013-04-28 02:41:02 · Reply · View
jessicaarroyoo: RT @misserikajoyy: What is going on Giants?!
2013-04-28 02:40:50 · Reply · View
ShayneONeil: RT @mikewegzyn: Congrats to my bro Mike Cox getting drafted to the New York Giants! Much love! #UMassFootball #UMassNation #Giants #NFLDraft
2013-04-28 02:40:49 · Reply · View
ZachTatar: an come watch the giants game of course…
2013-04-28 02:40:45 · Reply · View

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