GiantsBlogger: Maybe the weather will slow down the #STLCards cause the #SFGiants have to get their road woes figured out…
2013-06-01 02:41:27 · Reply · View
BlueJays_Giants: @biggles14 definitely look seeing him tell his doubters to #GTQO
2013-06-01 02:41:13 · Reply · View
djmills85: @Betfair_Aus ridiculous line. Blues aren’t ruthless against these teams. Without Judd, the Giants are a great line bet #aflbluesgiants
2013-06-01 02:41:07 · Reply · View
auburnreality: Nice play by the giants SS to get the force out
2013-06-01 02:41:04 · Reply · View
Giants365: Giants-Cardinals postponed, doubleheader Saturday #SFGiants [CSN Bay Area]
2013-06-01 02:40:57 · Reply · View
xladyhobbit: bored so watching every giants game i have recorded
2013-06-01 02:40:56 · Reply · View
SportsFan787_21: @JosephSkiba which do you prefer, As equipment director to wash…. Grey pants or white? I think white will look cool with the @Giants blue
2013-06-01 02:40:54 · Reply · View
joe10joe: Facing the Giants is such a great movie (:
2013-06-01 02:40:52 · Reply · View
JustPlainBitch: My preview of They Might Be Giants at First Avenue 6/1 Enjoy! @FirstAvenue @tmbg
2013-06-01 02:40:49 · Reply · View
BigBlueInteract: Giants Ring of Honor Section Added to BBI
2013-06-01 02:40:40 · Reply · View
Giants_Babe: @NoFearJustMoxie you sir, are going to have to deal with it.
2013-06-01 02:40:30 · Reply · View
josephsrealm: @Metallica The Star-Spangled Banner from the #Giants game” #Metallica #thrash #starspangledbanner #mlb #sanfrancisco
2013-06-01 02:40:27 · Reply · View
the_greatgazoo: RT @AriiAddictive: When I was little my Papa told me that thunder was the sound of giants bowling in Heaven.
2013-06-01 02:40:23 · Reply · View
Giants365: San Francisco Giants game in St. Louis postponed by tornado warnings #SFGiants [The Mercury News]
2013-06-01 02:40:08 · Reply · View
Giants365: Giants-Cardinals postponed by rain #SFGiants [FOX Sports]
2013-06-01 02:40:06 · Reply · View
baseballbabe_8: @cxslug @jennifer72401 @JCSaturday giants juice sounds so wrong but is so good!
2013-06-01 02:39:54 · Reply · View
biggles14: @BlueJays_Giants I love seeing Colby do well. #FYMFES to all his doubters. he just #KeepsOnKeepinOn :)
2013-06-01 02:39:40 · Reply · View
WakatipuLady: Yeah sure! #resting RT @abcgrandstand: Chris Judd ruled out of Blues’ clash with Giants because of hamstring tightness. #abcafl
2013-06-01 02:39:39 · Reply · View
StopSneetchin: Orioles have a tremendous walkoff, Nationals get a must-win on the road, no Giants died in any St. Louis tornado; I’m a happy man.
2013-06-01 02:39:36 · Reply · View
NoFearJustMoxie: @Giants_Babe you changed your name..I’m not a fan
2013-06-01 02:39:28 · Reply · View
DarrisTheLion: This guy just name dropped the SF Giants during his grad speech. @violentkillzey is probably stoked.
2013-06-01 02:39:25 · Reply · View
AriiAddictive: When I was little my Papa told me that thunder was the sound of giants bowling in Heaven.
2013-06-01 02:39:05 · Reply · View
jamesvenes: Every time I see #Athletics fans in elephant hats I want to burn them. This makes me different from many #Giants fans and panda hats.
2013-06-01 02:39:04 · Reply · View
thrilla81: RT @FlemmingDave: Everyone here w SF Giants in St Louis is ok, no tornadoes downtown. But some huge damage outside city.
2013-06-01 02:38:42 · Reply · View
BlueJays_Giants: What a grab by Colby, hits a HR and then takes one away #BlueJays
2013-06-01 02:38:30 · Reply · View
imoutomaster: RT @MakotoNoKen: And no my grandma isn’t dead, she’s still kicking watching Attack on Titan in the next room over and asking me why all the giants are naked
2013-06-01 02:38:17 · Reply · View
JustDesertsCKXU: #NowPlaying @ANCIIENTS – Giants on
2013-06-01 02:38:15 · Reply · View
kdogfershizzle: The giants are my least favorite baseball team but I probably know more about that franchise than the majority of their fans
2013-06-01 02:38:00 · Reply · View
tweaks23: I love these giants shorts
2013-06-01 02:37:59 · Reply · View
CarlaMahlberg: Your actions will always follow your beliefs – Facing the Giants
2013-06-01 02:37:52 · Reply · View
NotRayRatto: @CJSports2 @PGutierrezCSN wow.. Look at all those fans at the game-maybe the A’s can play at AT&T park while the giants are gone
2013-06-01 02:37:41 · Reply · View
CliffGagliardo: RT @MitchOFarrell: “We truly stand on the shoulders of giants.” @Bill_Rosendahl @JanPerry @mikebonin @RonGalperin
2013-06-01 02:37:32 · Reply · View
A_Roberge: We’re Giants fans though… @vfullaswag15
2013-06-01 02:37:11 · Reply · View
Pareign: You see me fighting giants and you won’t even giver a slingshot. FAKE!
2013-06-01 02:37:08 · Reply · View
ohaayitskaren: Why are baseball tickets expensive for lower box seats, now my cousin & I don’t get to watch the dodgers play vs. giants in July #lifeshard
2013-06-01 02:37:03 · Reply · View
HearHerSing: Cute kids. @OF_ASVP @BALlin511 8) They’re giants lmao. :-[
2013-06-01 02:36:54 · Reply · View
RatliffsCards: @ScottFrost12 lot of people probably just have no idea who he is. he played in the 40s and 50s for the Giants, but played the Negro league
2013-06-01 02:36:47 · Reply · View
JCStats: Two teams at .500 or better having negative differentials. Giants (-2) and Nats (-23).
2013-06-01 02:36:43 · Reply · View
nonnieob: Watching the replay of the Giants WS Ring Ceremony, with my son, my hubby, and myself in almost every shot. My 15 minutes of fame.
2013-06-01 02:36:34 · Reply · View
Duchovnycentral: RT @hummingbird0088: #SFGiants Couple of celebrates at the Yankees game, David Duchovny, Kate Upton, & Kareem. Our celebrates are the WS????Champions?The SF Giants?
2013-06-01 02:35:58 · Reply · View
ClareCosy: Giants paying $21. Judd is out. Bootsma was listed on the bench.

Chucking a fiver on it to make this game somewhat vaguely interesting.

2013-06-01 02:35:47 · Reply · View
Piyokodictator: RT @Metallica: Head over to for a free download The Star-Spangled Banner from the Giants game!
2013-06-01 02:35:42 · Reply · View
BagBroadcaster: Justin Tuck’s Celebrity Billiards Tournament 2013 (VIDEO): @JustinTuckNYG91 #nyg #Giants #bigblue
2013-06-01 02:35:41 · Reply · View
janey3putt: It’s amazing how many stars have general soreness and slight hammy problems when the play the giants
2013-06-01 02:35:19 · Reply · View
shortneszz: Good job Giants!!!!! Won 4-1!!
2013-06-01 02:35:14 · Reply · View
MakotoNoKen: And no my grandma isn’t dead, she’s still kicking watching Attack on Titan in the next room over and asking me why all the giants are naked
2013-06-01 02:35:13 · Reply · View
2013-06-01 02:35:07 · Reply · View
2013-06-01 02:35:00 · Reply · View
valeriae90: little giants
2013-06-01 02:34:55 · Reply · View
pmVen: There are a handful of nut jobs on the official #giants MB that pout over how much fans adore Eli Manning, our 2xSBMVP #nyg #issues
2013-06-01 02:34:54 · Reply · View

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