ffcode: @ChrisSaad chris you used to write in google wave, what happened to all those waves, are they available anywhere?
2013-04-20 23:33:57 · Reply · View
twtlrheat: Wave Goodbye To Google Wave http://t.co/i5LqKfZ4NS
2013-04-20 23:31:26 · Reply · View
mctownsley: @shareski and Google wave.
2013-04-20 23:10:31 · Reply · View
escheriv: I just got spam trying to get me to click on a link by claiming they were bringing back Google Wave. I don’t even know what to say to that.
2013-04-20 16:05:27 · Reply · View
botdogsladies: All I hear is – Or maybe Google Wave. Decadent and Depraved.
2013-04-20 12:00:01 · Reply · View
HrzMatt: @blamberr I remember Google Wave invites being all over Twitter for months.
2013-04-20 06:29:04 · Reply · View

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