trentgillaspie: @aaronbailey that’s what I figured. Is it like Google Wave?
2013-04-27 02:29:25 · Reply · View
blairblends: @flc @bigfleet how does this relate to my loyal usage of Google Wave?
2013-04-26 23:24:37 · Reply · View
TechSauce: Twitter / n_halls: @nerdtalker Worse than Google Wave? #wave #google
2013-04-26 21:29:57 · Reply · View
TheIronScone: Yet another day I miss Google Wave @google
2013-04-26 17:36:54 · Reply · View
peaceman: @mikebutcher Kudos for the Segway comparison. I thought a lot of Google Wave, but Segway fits so much better.
2013-04-26 17:28:35 · Reply · View
janhorna: @mikebutcher so according to your experience, Google Glasses might be new Google Wave, right?
2013-04-26 16:57:20 · Reply · View
OmerSilva2: Google
Anyone have a spare Google Wave invite?
2013-04-26 16:11:17 · Reply · View
skyblueerik: anyone have any google wave invites?
2013-04-26 08:37:02 · Reply · View
LuannPhillips14: So far Twitter has only got me a Google Wave invite….
2013-04-26 04:42:16 · Reply · View
prettyedsa: ?Google wave sounds like a bad date so far:Won’t apologize for being difficult and talks about how awesome they are?
2013-04-26 03:43:33 · Reply · View

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