flashpunk: @doublecass whats replacing it? Google wave?
2013-05-23 01:47:41 · Reply · View
wheat0r: Google Wave. Reloading
2013-05-23 00:33:42 · Reply · View
twtlrheat: Wave Goodbye To Google Wave http://t.co/pnZe7JTZj8
2013-05-22 23:59:48 · Reply · View
silentworks: Google+ has the same problem Google Wave had, its ahead of its time, too many features no-one will ever use. Try something else Google.
2013-05-22 20:45:51 · Reply · View
chrisna: @jakefogelnest Sorry, man. Twitter is the best we’ve got since Google Wave/Buzz/Plus hasn’t panned out.
2013-05-22 19:07:13 · Reply · View
qualitylow: It’s funny how Google Wave was a failure but Google trickles elements of it into their other products. #hangouts
2013-05-22 18:55:50 · Reply · View
iselajblye: Google
Anyone have a spare Google Wave invite?
2013-05-22 14:31:36 · Reply · View
theaardvark: @pipedownmrbrown It’s a Catch 22. No one uses it because no one uses it. A bit like Google Wave was and http://t.co/18HaCUO7Qq is.
2013-05-22 10:13:44 · Reply · View
pipedownmrbrown: @LauraJJennings Just like Google Wave then
2013-05-22 10:10:04 · Reply · View
kolebee: Remember Google Wave/Buzz? What was that all about?
2013-05-22 06:28:05 · Reply · View
dv77: @denkenthir @agenmossad hehehe lom tentu. blogspot punyanya google kan? inget nasib google reader dan google wave? google checkout? :)
2013-05-22 01:50:56 · Reply · View

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