octavionlechuga: Ok. Halloween isn’t here, yet. Why is there Christmas music on the sound system at FedEx Office?
2013-05-07 00:51:16 · Reply · View
younghustlaa22: Ima dress up as kriss kross for halloween r.I.p mac daddy
2013-05-07 00:51:06 · Reply · View
ColeLedger: “Cole you’re doin a lot of something, but I don’t see Halloween on!” #fredsquotes
2013-05-07 00:51:06 · Reply · View
starburst_86: @GregTechno remember that time for Halloween when you made me wear a garbage bag and said I was a Jedi….yea….
2013-05-07 00:50:59 · Reply · View
sexand_baseball: Random picslip.. Halloween 2 years ago. http://t.co/JvrwZrB8pT
2013-05-07 00:50:56 · Reply · View
Juggalo_trez: RT @ComicBookGuy: How did we ever let Halloween be taken over by CHILDREN! Gah!
2013-05-07 00:50:54 · Reply · View
diesquickly: Ok. I’m set for this Halloween!! http://t.co/zYh1svHvQp
2013-05-07 00:50:50 · Reply · View
meeeshell_D: RT @moonchild_cat: if halloween isnt your favorite holiday dont talk to me
2013-05-07 00:50:45 · Reply · View
donshep50: @britkoepsell I was about to say Halloween buddies ???? silly don
2013-05-07 00:50:44 · Reply · View
Animatorking12: I liked a @YouTube video from @ChimneySwift11 http://t.co/ia9oZPARSe Minecraft: Slender’s Forest – 2012 Halloween Special! (HD)
2013-05-07 00:50:43 · Reply · View
Jolandaxemp: How do you get the most apples at Halloween? Take a snorkel.
2013-05-07 00:50:39 · Reply · View
TheRealB_Dotson: Not to give anything away, but mine and @rhoxworth’s Halloween is going to be legen-wait for it- DARY!!! #hinthint
2013-05-07 00:50:21 · Reply · View
MoonsCreations: @timingsands if we can find a second hand tweed jacket for a 1 year old, you’re nephew will be 11 for Halloween.
2013-05-07 00:50:10 · Reply · View
Katelyn_Marion: I just got an email saying its halfway to Halloween. Really people?! It’s not even summer yet…????
2013-05-07 00:49:56 · Reply · View
megga628: 28 days until I can wear my pretty senior shirt that @themaine signed to school. weeeeee (and that means 27 days to Forever Halloween) y e s
2013-05-07 00:49:52 · Reply · View
MackiethnTiesha: Happy
awooo Happy Halloween Everyone :]
2013-05-07 00:49:48 · Reply · View
uncreativecat: Oh my god, this Kill Me Baby Halloween chapter
2013-05-07 00:49:43 · Reply · View
staceypenza: @pippyboomboom hahaha I was Pocahontas for Halloween! Her and Esmeralda!! But Everyone kept calling me jasmine haha
2013-05-07 00:49:34 · Reply · View
LukeOBennett: I liked a @YouTube video from @sevans1994 http://t.co/AkKqrK8M6B Radioactive – A Marina and the Diamonds Inspired Halloween Tutorial
2013-05-07 00:49:26 · Reply · View
elizabagginseth: The first time I saw the Halloween special’s theme song…. #PLLMemories @ABCFamily @ABCFpll
2013-05-07 00:49:12 · Reply · View
katherynnnnnn: It’s official, i’m making the crew be the sexy power rangers for halloween this year lol. ????????????
2013-05-07 00:49:11 · Reply · View
HartKnight: Mass Effect 3 special edition is not very special. it reminds me of Halloween h2o’s collectors edition.
2013-05-07 00:48:32 · Reply · View
SidaMeva: Because one night during halloween, I decided to dress up as a ridiculous OC I had, named “Lynn”
2013-05-07 00:48:28 · Reply · View
twmywings: RT @anahisa_pll: Halloween Episodes PLL Memories
2013-05-07 00:48:28 · Reply · View
CharyIsTheBest: “@Zahrah_Syeda: #wheniwaslittle i wanted to be a princess every year for Halloween”
2013-05-07 00:48:22 · Reply · View
Profond_Regrets: Joseline its not halloween yet
2013-05-07 00:48:21 · Reply · View
BayleeNicole06: RT @I_Love_Rosewood: Seeing Jenna’s eyes for the first time in the 1st Halloween episode????????

PLL Memories

2013-05-07 00:48:11 · Reply · View
geakusuma: RT @Swiftlogy: #Swiftlogy In 4th grade, Taylor entered a Halloween contest dressed as a Teletubby, but she did not win.
2013-05-07 00:48:06 · Reply · View
alyssa_blalock: RT @amanda_ablan: I’m making Alyssa Halloween cupcakes for her birthday cause she is just that special ????
2013-05-07 00:48:05 · Reply · View
Zahrah_Syeda: #wheniwaslittle i wanted to be a princess every year for Halloween
2013-05-07 00:47:52 · Reply · View
cpose69: Can’t wear a costume to school for Halloween but there gonna have a grim reaper abduct kids from class tomorrow.. #Wtf
2013-05-07 00:47:52 · Reply · View
kyway11: Love this picture! #halloween #IU @katie_germain http://t.co/U3BzDjTjzx
2013-05-07 00:47:30 · Reply · View
Lacigg7: Gents Elegant Clothing Halloween celebration… http://t.co/7q62oCadFS
2013-05-07 00:47:26 · Reply · View
RockstarRebel98: @HeathSlaterOMRB @JinderMahal @TheDrewMcIntyre Can I get a RT for my bday? I have always loved 3MB. And I’m dressing as Heath for Halloween!
2013-05-07 00:47:22 · Reply · View
Slap_Bet: RT @KagroX: Guy who shot the girl in the Halloween costume bc he thought she was a skunk has been sentenced. 2 yrs probation. http://t.co/tK03e1rA6m
2013-05-07 00:47:22 · Reply · View
gabby_pianko: “It bugs me when people have birthdays in October it’s like that Halloween month. Get your birthday out of there.” #emily
2013-05-07 00:46:52 · Reply · View
AndreaVazquezr: RT @I_Love_Rosewood: Seeing Jenna’s eyes for the first time in the 1st Halloween episode????????

PLL Memories

2013-05-07 00:46:50 · Reply · View
halloween_whore: ????I got roses in my bath water????
2013-05-07 00:46:32 · Reply · View
AllMyShitFake: #30. Cemeteries Are Bad Places, Especially In Foggy Conditions And On Halloween.
2013-05-07 00:46:31 · Reply · View
iSmileForAvril: RT @I_Love_Rosewood: Seeing Jenna’s eyes for the first time in the 1st Halloween episode????????

PLL Memories

2013-05-07 00:46:30 · Reply · View
yOyOSuicide: stumbled across this Pumpkin Spice cookie by Alternative Baking Company today & they are the best thing ever. it tastes like Halloween
2013-05-07 00:46:30 · Reply · View
shaun_snyder: I want to be a pretty girl for Halloween.
2013-05-07 00:46:23 · Reply · View
mareelizabethh: RT @1VABrunette: I hope my kid shares my love of Halloween ????????
2013-05-07 00:46:21 · Reply · View
solanjie_bear: “@thewunted: this boy in my school asked me if I was ever Dora for Halloween because I’m Spanish” oh my lol
2013-05-07 00:46:18 · Reply · View
guhdalska: RT @moonchild_cat: if halloween isnt your favorite holiday dont talk to me
2013-05-07 00:46:16 · Reply · View
jemzjayjoseph: RT @I_Love_Rosewood: Seeing Jenna’s eyes for the first time in the 1st Halloween episode????????

PLL Memories

2013-05-07 00:45:51 · Reply · View
coolkace: Is it bad that I wanna dress up as Les Mis prostitute for Halloween? ???????????????? #lovelyladies ????????????????
2013-05-07 00:45:42 · Reply · View
BInglefield: A pic I found from forever ago! Missed her! #Halloween #wvu http://t.co/27f4LTgYtF
2013-05-07 00:45:41 · Reply · View
RomansBytch: @NickiIsMyMentor ur so damn sweet. Ppl dnt believe me when I tell em my age ill b 32 on Halloween
2013-05-07 00:45:39 · Reply · View
Michael61211: Halloween theme at CBt http://t.co/Va3e3Pgyju #retweet #halloween
2013-05-07 00:45:28 · Reply · View

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