MarkSheehan: RT @rembert: my watermelon golf fried chicken chat w/ @Wesley_Morris:
2013-05-23 21:25:13 · Reply · View
PlayDirtyCris: This golfer is gonna get cut from his sponsors because he asked tiger woods to come round his house to eat some fried chicken ????
2013-05-23 21:24:50 · Reply · View
badams146: RT @MoveMeQuotes: “No matter how good you get you can always get better and that’s the exciting part.” ~ Tiger Woods
2013-05-23 21:24:42 · Reply · View
O_Connor97: Just found out about what Sergio Garcia said about Tiger Woods. Couldn’t stop laughing. A savage joke from an absolute savage golfer.
2013-05-23 21:24:19 · Reply · View
VCaddie: Fantasy #Golf: Make @TigerWoods Top Pick In 2013 Memorial Tournament
2013-05-23 21:24:01 · Reply · View
Tanner_Hinz: RT @SportsCenter: Sergio Garcia makes “fried chicken” joke about Tiger Woods, apologizes for “any offense” it caused. –>
2013-05-23 21:23:51 · Reply · View
_DEM0: “skiiinn of a goddess, myyy lovely goddess. & we gone get it in just like we should, put it in the hole like tiger woods!”
2013-05-23 21:22:48 · Reply · View
TapsVusiChifamz: RT @Tip: . @BoBATL Blasts Sergio Garcia For Tiger Woods Controversy via @mtvrapfix
2013-05-23 21:22:30 · Reply · View
A23_Take_Flight: Tiger Woods hitting bitches with this iron pipe!
2013-05-23 21:22:21 · Reply · View
golfsmartly: The Trouble With Chicken: Talking Sergio Garcia, Tiger Woods, and Racism
2013-05-23 21:22:12 · Reply · View
echosplanet: Sergio Garcia Tiger Woods fried chicken racism row takes fresh twist after coloured athletes comment: The rac…
2013-05-23 21:22:12 · Reply · View
HowToReceive: Sergio Garcia Takes Spat With Tiger Woods To An Ugly Place | Diane and Larry Hochman’s Empower Network Blog
2013-05-23 21:21:55 · Reply · View
LAdele10: RT @TheRoot247: Tiger Woods Accepts Garcia’s Apology But Will Sponsors?
2013-05-23 21:21:50 · Reply · View
SaxonTippett: Tiger Woods mate, you could invite Sergio Garcia around for Paella lol
2013-05-23 21:21:46 · Reply · View
Rhys10Harries: @youngtrump84 @James_Dawe jimmy d just like tiger woods…#ishefuck #comeandshowyourskillsonsunday?
2013-05-23 21:21:24 · Reply · View
thechriskimble: RT @rembert: my watermelon golf fried chicken chat w/ @Wesley_Morris:
2013-05-23 21:21:06 · Reply · View
ERenn_2: Just call me Bubba Watson and @RennerRyan Tiger Woods! #golfpros
2013-05-23 21:20:52 · Reply · View
KathleenHicks: RT @TheRoot247: Tiger Woods Accepts Garcia’s Apology But Will Sponsors?
2013-05-23 21:20:47 · Reply · View
Rick_Cobain: Garcia said about Tiger Woods he would serve him fried chicken lmao but no one not going in on him though
2013-05-23 21:20:22 · Reply · View
st113092: Bob practices in the off season by standing in front of tiger woods while he drives the ball Bob has yet to miss a ball#CBJ#nhl14bobrovsky
2013-05-23 21:19:34 · Reply · View
shelob: RT @rembert: my watermelon golf fried chicken chat w/ @Wesley_Morris:
2013-05-23 21:19:13 · Reply · View
TurdFerg10: Haven’t agreed with anything Remberts ever said more than “everyone needs more black friends” MT @rembert:”
2013-05-23 21:18:50 · Reply · View
Sweet_Nique11: Tiger Woods is going to be where I’m working!!! YESSS.
2013-05-23 21:18:47 · Reply · View
kkjeff: The Trouble With Chicken: Talking Sergio Garcia, Tiger Woods, and Racism
2013-05-23 21:18:41 · Reply · View
STAFEVELI: Tiger Woods was one of those black kids that started an Anime and Japanese Club at his school.
2013-05-23 21:18:04 · Reply · View
DannyAntwi: RT @raveorbash: Is it a joke when true feelings are let out in disguise? Andy Garcia to Tiger Woods, “fried chicken will plentiful…
2013-05-23 21:17:54 · Reply · View
FVSNN2012: Elin approves of Tiger…
2013-05-23 21:17:49 · Reply · View
STAFEVELI: Tiger Woods I aint even black that man reps his asain side
2013-05-23 21:17:23 · Reply · View
bdoc87: This watermelon argument is the funniest thing I’ve read this year MT @rembert: my golf fried chicken chat:
2013-05-23 21:16:58 · Reply · View
2013-05-23 21:16:40 · Reply · View
mimsy1949: European Tour CEO George O’Grady apologizes for using term ‘colored’ – News | FOX Sports on MSN via @FoxSports
2013-05-23 21:16:40 · Reply · View
TigerWoodsWatch: Tiger Woods, Sergio Garcia sorry for racist remark. Will it cost him sponsorships? #Tiger Go
2013-05-23 21:16:32 · Reply · View
Dbabb4: RT @thecoreyholcomb: Tiger woods is too soft to tell his bigoted ass competition like Sergio Garcia the ultimate phrase “I’ll beat yo ass though”! Fuckin Wuss
2013-05-23 21:16:03 · Reply · View
KSum2: Getting my Tiger Woods on!
2013-05-23 21:15:25 · Reply · View
KUBZ05: @ricosuave_22 @mike_bonhomme @anoel25 what about tiger woods 2013 huh? Lets put 50 on that
2013-05-23 21:14:12 · Reply · View
PAGilchrist: ‘Racist’ jibe at Tiger Woods could cost Spanish golf star £5MILLION: Sergio Garcia faces losing… via @MailOnline
2013-05-23 21:13:55 · Reply · View
_R_I_V_E_R_A_: Honestly sergio garcias comment about tiger woods is just stupid, #whocares
2013-05-23 21:13:10 · Reply · View
devo1920: RT @Golf4Beginners: Elin Nordegren threatens legal action against Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn? #TigerWoods
2013-05-23 21:12:23 · Reply · View
Even_Steven__: It was like some dick turned the setting to “gale force” on the wind meter for tiger woods PGA tour 13
2013-05-23 21:11:35 · Reply · View
B_Spotless: The Trouble With Chicken: Talking Sergio Garcia, Tiger Woods, and Racism
2013-05-23 21:11:11 · Reply · View
TigerWoodsShow: Tiger Woods weighs in on Robert Griffin III’s ACL rehab – (blog)
2013-05-23 21:10:47 · Reply · View
IAmACyclops: Telling Sergio to serve Tiger Woods fried chicken #FrankVogelIdeas
2013-05-23 21:10:36 · Reply · View
Broman_dudeman: My dad and uncle rubin are just bullshittin on the couch about how much pussy Tiger Woods gets
2013-05-23 21:10:36 · Reply · View
ricarical: RT @bbcmanutd: Daily Mail: Back pages, May 23: Sergio Garcia faces losing millions after Tiger Woods race row #mufc
2013-05-23 21:10:34 · Reply · View
afortcher: RT @strome18: @91Tavares your not great at playing Tiger Woods video games so lets hope you get on the cover of NHL14 instead #NHL14Tavares
2013-05-23 21:09:58 · Reply · View
hollye83: RT @rembert: my watermelon golf fried chicken chat w/ @Wesley_Morris:
2013-05-23 21:09:15 · Reply · View
TheCool_: I thought Tiger Woods “@Local4News: WHAT THE? CRAZY! Tiger has 4-lb hairball removed from stomach. Pictures —>
2013-05-23 21:08:28 · Reply · View
FerriganTommy: @SkySportsGolf tiger woods is always the victim! He’s bullied his way to victory most of the time, & his fans put his opponents off!
2013-05-23 21:08:20 · Reply · View
AblazeReads: ? Reading “The Trouble With Chicken: Talking Sergio Garcia, Tiger Woods, and Racism”
2013-05-23 21:08:10 · Reply · View
nffc1969: @forest_loon88 I’ll have tiger woods round for tea and serve fried chicken shock horror outraged racist comment WTF ????
2013-05-23 21:07:53 · Reply · View

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