conboncita: Ok Cub fans, it’s NOT like u won a post season game, or a world series, 4 that matter. Have ur night, it’s nice 2 c u happy.
2013-05-28 02:42:15 · Reply · View
jessejshumaker: @KevinShockey @magelb wow, what have u done for me lately, huh? Don’t you have 2 World Series rings thanks in part to Howard?#NotDwight
2013-05-28 02:42:14 · Reply · View
Cindyprock22: Got our tickets for the college world series.left field front row. Sunday the 2nd. Woo hoo.holler if ur gonna be there.with @chelsea_prock22
2013-05-28 02:42:05 · Reply · View
thereal_youknow: It’s greater than the World Series, World Cup, and World War II combined
2013-05-28 02:41:30 · Reply · View
jsfiles14: RT @NCAACWS: The 2013 #CWS pairings and bracket: Let’s play ball!
2013-05-28 02:41:19 · Reply · View
_HaydenJames: The Cubs will win a World Series.
2013-05-28 02:41:12 · Reply · View
laurengeld: @PeterChiusano World Series? I’m pretty sure this is the Subway Series
2013-05-28 02:41:05 · Reply · View
Caleb_walker24: RT @GLampe19: 5 out of the 8 teams at the college softball World Series are Nike schools! #domination #teamnike @CoachTyCleve
2013-05-28 02:40:34 · Reply · View
PHOutdoors: World Series Champ Tom Henke in Canada with Predator Hunter Outdoors.
2013-05-28 02:40:34 · Reply · View
TimNThen: RT @ithacacollege: IC’s pair of 2-out rallies knock No. 1 Linfield out of World Series. Noon Tues: Southern Maine.
2013-05-28 02:40:25 · Reply · View
PeterChiusano: @laurengeld exactly for you met fans this is your ONLY WORLD SERIES feelings!
2013-05-28 02:40:23 · Reply · View
jevgibbs: Ithaca vs. USM for DIII world series #toodope
2013-05-28 02:40:14 · Reply · View
ithacacollege: IC’s pair of 2-out rallies knock No. 1 Linfield out of World Series. Noon Tues: Southern Maine.
2013-05-28 02:40:12 · Reply · View
Ms_Salle: RT @JaquamBodden: To me Honestly the only way this subway series would matter of this was the World Series I’ll let the delusional met fans have this win
2013-05-28 02:40:11 · Reply · View
makovj: RT @RichCarlson25: Another solid W for the @msumavericks baseball squad in the DII College World Series. #MavNation
2013-05-28 02:39:56 · Reply · View
FJCprofits95: @Joe__Hernandez @NG2_4 2006 the mets went to game 7 of the NLCS,that’s not the World Series but its not bad either, that wasn’t 10 years ago
2013-05-28 02:39:36 · Reply · View
World_Series: Cubs’ Samardzija blanks White Sox on two hits
2013-05-28 02:39:33 · Reply · View
World_Series: Murphy’s RBI single lifts Mets over Yankees
2013-05-28 02:39:32 · Reply · View
_aishaax: Mets fans need to stop getting so excited because when’s the last time the METS have made it to the World Series? Lawls. Ok. #shutup
2013-05-28 02:38:44 · Reply · View
AshtonHyatt_: RT @PRO_Tuff: The cubs suck so bad even if they do win a world series they are gonna have to repeat 10 years in a row to make up for years of ass baseball
2013-05-28 02:38:11 · Reply · View
JesuusChrist: I go for the raiders in the finals, hopefully they win out off the best of 3 ad get the world series ring.
2013-05-28 02:38:03 · Reply · View
laurengeld: @NikkiStiglia to what? I know the Mets suck and I know you guys have won 27 world series. Oh and I’m pretty sure I know my fan base better
2013-05-28 02:37:20 · Reply · View
J_Cortez23: @kerraisdacutest we’ll win the World Series this year, no doubt ????????
2013-05-28 02:36:51 · Reply · View
Danieljhall6: @DrunkMiggy hey now, we love Inge in the D, he had some good years for us and was a big part of our World Series run in 06
2013-05-28 02:36:24 · Reply · View
HughPat75: I honestly don’t hate the mets but u would think a 2-1 win over a banged up #Yankees team on 2 mistakes that they won the world series relax
2013-05-28 02:36:22 · Reply · View
LivDix6: RT @OhWellRyan: when the phillies won the World Series in 2008, I cried #confessions
2013-05-28 02:36:15 · Reply · View
zack_attaack: Imagine the angels and dodgers in the world series ! v.v #AngelsFanTilIDie
2013-05-28 02:35:55 · Reply · View
katieontheradio: RT @NCAACWS: The 2013 #CWS pairings and bracket: Let’s play ball!
2013-05-28 02:35:54 · Reply · View
princesss_vivi: RT @blueJRG32: “Hey Jordan did you know the college World Series is in Omaha”- @princesss_vivi
2013-05-28 02:35:47 · Reply · View
cerb2013: “@steven_paulus: @cerb2013 me too I hope lol hopefully at game 4 of the world series yankees sweep the reds #perfectdeath”????????
2013-05-28 02:35:44 · Reply · View
bradmercer: Just read that Sun Belt is sending 4 teams to College World Series, Big XII is sending 3. Neither “upgrade” got in, neither did Texas. Lol
2013-05-28 02:35:42 · Reply · View
haaaaayp_: I would love to go to the college softball World Series one day.
2013-05-28 02:35:26 · Reply · View
eli_garcia26: RT @pchristy11: At JUCO World Series, Lubbock Cooper grad Ethan Kohnle just ripped a double off wall for Midland College. They trail C. Alabama 3-1 in 3rd
2013-05-28 02:35:11 · Reply · View
jameshanigan: The subways series is the mets World Series… Cause we suck
2013-05-28 02:35:02 · Reply · View
steven_paulus: @cerb2013 me too I hope lol hopefully at game 4 of the world series yankees sweep the reds #perfectdeath
2013-05-28 02:35:02 · Reply · View
Rtrujillo912: DA NATION !…..Damn Were Hot Hot Hot Hot! 32-20 12 games over .500 whoooooooooooo!!!!!!! Can u say….World Series?
2013-05-28 02:35:01 · Reply · View
RaquelCashmore: @hoodslide01 next you are gonna tell me the cubs are gonna win the World Series.
2013-05-28 02:34:46 · Reply · View
Markmc16: Jesus the mets beat the yankees in one game and mets fans act like they just won the world series. Calm down mets fans. #scum
2013-05-28 02:34:43 · Reply · View
emiddlebrook: And this: “@PaulCatalina: West’s own Scott Podsednik. World Series Hero. #west”
2013-05-28 02:34:37 · Reply · View
bee12nunez: RT @TheeBrownMamba: Women’s College World Series comes on Thursday!!!!!
2013-05-28 02:34:06 · Reply · View
owl_king_kev: @Sarang30318 @RealMattlanta … that’s about as good as an idea as charlie leibrandt in game six of a world series…
2013-05-28 02:34:05 · Reply · View
Manu_Chubz: RT @mdukess: “Q: What does a Chicago Cubs fan do when his team has won the World Series?
A: He turns off the PlayStation 3” @rob_dilla @__Sweeets__ ????????????????????
2013-05-28 02:33:55 · Reply · View
DanielMLane: Amazing how @Mets just won the world series! Oh wait they just one 1 regular season game…#MetsFansSuck
2013-05-28 02:33:41 · Reply · View
chiefrunninbare: @blueJRG32 “Hey Jordan did you know the college World Series is in Omaha”- @princesss_vivi” Hope that isn’t a serious question #WOW #jackie
2013-05-28 02:33:40 · Reply · View
BigRudy23: “@TheeBrownMamba: Women’s College World Series comes on Thursday!!!!!”
2013-05-28 02:33:37 · Reply · View
bvillasenor5: @The_M1lk_Man thats ozzie and his son after winning the WORLD SERIES. nothing gay about that
2013-05-28 02:33:32 · Reply · View
metsfanmurph: Hahaha @GreggFerrara RT @CoreyNYC: I’m as happy tonight as a Yankee fan celebrating the April 2013 World Series
2013-05-28 02:33:29 · Reply · View
mitch_eslick: Anyone got a good College World Series bracket pool going? Checking for a friend…
2013-05-28 02:33:27 · Reply · View
TheeBrownMamba: Women’s College World Series comes on Thursday!!!!!
2013-05-28 02:33:23 · Reply · View
kierstynpiper: @bpapp07 who hasn’t won the World Series in over 100 years? yeah the cubs ?????
2013-05-28 02:33:23 · Reply · View

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